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Paragon Early Access And Open Beta Dated, All Heroes Are Free

by Scott Grill


Epic Games’ spin on the third-person MOBA genre, Paragon, is currently in closed alpha testing. That will not last much longer as the developer announced the early access date for the PS4 and PC game Thursday along with when it will hit open beta.

Paragon now has an early access release date of March 18. Entry to the early access period is gained through purchasing a Founder’s Pack, which will go on sale March 14 at a $19.99 starting price.

“Buying a Founder’s Pack will get you in-game content at a huge discount from normal prices,” Creative Director Steve Superville explained in a note on the PlayStation Blog. “During the Early Access Season, we’ll release new (Free!) Heroes every three weeks, hold community events, and offer daily and weekly rewards.”

Meanwhile, there will also be $59.99 Challenger Packs and $99.99 Master Packs available that “include a huge number of skins, unlockable items, boosts, a unique skin, and a Founder’s pack to give to a friend.”

Epic Games is attempting a slightly different free-to-play model from what other popular games such as League of Legends and SMITE use. Heroes will be released for free along with the collectible cards that are used to build and upgrade card decks that give Paragon’s heroes different abilities. It will only be cosmetic items, boosts, and “other convenience items” that can be purchased through micro-transactions along with Paid Early Access.

Those that don’t want to pay for early access to Paragon will have to wait until the open beta goes live sometime during the summer.

[Image via Epic Games]

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