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PC Gaming Will Dominate Market In Next Few Years, Says Analyst

| March 15, 2016

PC Gaming Will Dominate Market In Next Few Years, Says Analyst News PC Gaming  VR PC GAMES esports

The battle for the gaming crown is always thriving, with fanboys for each platform rooting for theirs while crying for the damnation of the competition. While PlayStation vs Xbox is typically the most common fanboy showdown, it looks like PC gamers will be on top if trends continue in the direction they have been going.

Industry analyst DFC Intelligence is expected to reveal new research at this year’s GDC that backs the theory that PC gaming is going to dominate the gaming market in the next few years. According to the analyst, both VR and eSports are going to be the driving factors for this result, driving up sales massively for PC.

The gaming market is set to top $100 billion in revenue by the end of 2019, according to the analyst. A good chunk of the that revenue is set to come from PC, which they estimate will bring in around $36 billion on its own. That would mark an increase of $8 billion compared to the $28 billion it brought in for 2015.

DFC analyst David Cole says that, “A major driver of industry growth is not just software but hardware. The emergence of eSports and virtual reality is driving consumers to buy high end PC systems to not only play games, but watch others playing games.”

It was revealed last year that the PC industry is growing faster than the console industry.

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  • njb

    I think e3 will be mainly a pc gaming event in a few years. ea and Activision are pulling out and won’t do shows or main booths. It’s cheaper and easier to advertise directly to the consumer with adverts online and through apps.

    Nintendo stopped it and do there own events and it’s worked for them to an extent, 3ds is literally printing money for them.

    So only a few big AAA studios and the bug guys Sony and Microsoft will be doing main booths and shows.

    So I think the pc side will take advantage, I welcome it. for me PC gaming hasn’t been exciting for years, a few amazing games have come out but the RTS almost died out. Play to win games and too many free to play mmo’s and fps games flooded the market.

    So E3 being mainly PC focused would be good.

    It’s a possibility but it could happen differently

  • Allen

    lol not likely. Morons don’t know what they are talking about. VR is best priced on PlayStation, the easiest and hassle free set up for VR is on PlayStation. esports have made way to PlayStation as well so basing that PC is going to dominate all of a sudden because of these two things is baseless.

    Console gaming will always dominate with PC also having it’s fair share of marketshare. People want peace of mind, not fucking with settings or components trying to get a game to not crash into oblivion on them.

    • Johnson

      Sorry you can’t gather the brain cells to figure out how to set things up. These console peasants can’t even upgrade their hardware if they wanted to smh PC is always dominant. Cheaper games and no “pay for online” bullshit

      • Allen

        PC’s are known to crash a lot and you have to do a lot of research to ensure you don’t have compatibility issues.

        Go to reddit’s PC master race subreddit and you will see tons of troubleshooting on the community. It’s not like this isn’t common place dumb ass.

        Nice troll/greyed out name BTW

        • Jason Fisher

          Im a old school PC Gamer. Used to be something to be proud of. Now its more of an embarrassment and aheadache then anything. And the few 1% that actually max out these games aren’t the ones on here “trolling”. How times have changed.

          • Guester

            1% ….really? …..

      • Jason Fisher

        This honestly made me laugh out loud. Thank You. Your a tool btw. Just sayin

      • Optimus Prime

        To funny and so true

    • Fleetwood

      PSVR = HMD + Camera + Controller

      $560= $399 + $60 + $49 (each PS Move) <——-Plus $400 for the PS4

      Gets costly for a "lower-end VR experience."

      • Allen

        PS Move is relatively cheap if you get them now. I paid $15 for my second one last year at gamestop and they are readily available on Amazon $25 brand new, $15 used.

        30 million+ install base and growing rapidly, not really that much lower end as you are trying to say.

        • Optimus Prime

          So sales are OK when you use them to Sony but not OK when people use them for Xbox?

          • Allen

            It’s not a sale dumb ass. You can go down to gamestop and get them for $15 or brand new from amazon at $25 or used on amazon for $15 or anywhere. Shit just google ps move controller and hit shopping and it will bring to many other retailers.

          • Optimus Prime

            Dota 66 million users, CS:GO 20 million, does PS4 have anything to compare? No idiot. Quit talking

          • Allen

            Proof? I found an article from 2015 that said Dota was at 10 million. Show proof because I don’t see it.

            CS Go is at 20 million on PC, I do see that on steam spy. Counter Strike is probably the best game on PC and is a huge reason why I still have my PC. I am one of those players kid lol I also have it on PS3 but PC is far better version of that game.

            GTA V
            PC – 4.2 million
            PS3 – 21.17 million
            PS4 – 10.44 million
            Xbone – 4.37 million (lol even xbone beat PC here, mods and all PC is weak)
            360 – 16.06 million

            Witcher 3
            PC – 1.4 million
            PS4 – 3.32 million
            Xbone – 1.13 million

            Just a few examples

          • Optimus Prime

            Maybe you are just retarded. Seems about right. Just a stupid pony that doesn’t know a thing.


          • Allen

            lol I said yes CS GO has 20 million lol dumb ass. Counter Strike is like 70% of a reason to have a PC.

          • Optimus Prime
          • Allen

            Free to play so..

          • Optimus Prime

            So what PS4 have any free to play titles with those numbers. Over 100 million Steam accounts. Just steam. Moron. Give up you look like a fool. Call people stupid you are the biggest pony clown I’ve got ever come across. Maybe tell me more about how half your eye sees half the picture and your other eye sees the other half.

            Maybe try to convince me your low quality graphics at less than 30 frames is good on your garbage console you stupid fan boy.

            Wow you are one dumb pony.

          • Allen

            yeah and there’s about that many PSN accounts. lol you are pathetic fool

          • Optimus Prime

            What ever idiot make up more crap so I can prove you wrong

          • Allen

            So uh where are the other titles? Why aren’t we comparing the biggest titles of 2014 & 2015 huh? You scared? you aint got shit? yep you aint got shit.

            Rocket League –
            -passed 12 million mark this month yet only 2.8 million on PC and 1 million on xbone so I’ve got to assume 8+ million on PS4.

            Fallout 4
            PC – 3 million
            PS4 – 6.33 million
            Xbone – 3.7 million

            Metal Gear Solid 5
            PC – 900k
            PS4 – 3.13 million
            Xbone – 630k

            Call of Duty Black Ops 3
            PC – 959k
            PS4 – 11.95 million
            Xbone – 6.66 million (lol @ the number)

            Star Wars Battlefront
            PC – ? – I saw that they were near 13 million in January but can’t find this on steamspy. Estimated 2 million for PC
            PS4 – 7.15 million
            Xbone – 3.2 million

            *Fun fact. Star Wars Battlefront has more gamers online at any given time that PC & Xbone combined. This goes for all respective platforms 24hr peak as well!

            Now pick yourself up and GTFO

          • Optimus Prime

            Just cause you are an idiot and don’t understand that total PC game revenue is far beyond your sad little PS4. We have way more games so individual games don’t sell as well. DOTA has 66 million alone. Has your POS console even sold that many games period.

            You can buy games on more than just steam, retard

            Look man it’s not my fault your retarded just quit talking you look like a fool.
            Comparing top selling POS4 games and ignoring the sheer volume of PC games is a sad attempt to twist numbers to make your sad console look good.

            66 million 1 game give up

          • Allen

            lol it’s a free to play game moron, I wonder how many casual facebook “gamers” play that shit on facebook. Probably way more.


            You saying that is like talking about over 100 million Wii Sports built into console, free with the fucking thing lol poor dumb ass fool.

            PC doesn’t sell shit outside of steam. I mean yeah there’s a few thousand but not really worth mentioning…well maybe when you have weak ass shit not even a million like a few listed above lol! Biggest games of 2015 and PC didn’t sell shit on many of them even with MODS! OMG MODS! lol didn’t sell shit.

            Oh and nice seeing you change subjects cause you know you’re wrong lol just like xbots.

        • Fleetwood

          It is a lower VR HMD compared to the Oculus and HTC Vive, this is not a negative. If you omit the marketing and just look at the specs and features, there is no argument. The PSVR is for the mass-market gamer, thus the quality and experience is sufficient for that group.

          Even PlayStation VP Masayasu Ito acknowledges this, “If you just talk about the high-end quality, yes, I would admit that Oculus may have better VR.”

          • Allen

            Of course, duh. I mean that’s like saying if you compare an Ultra PC to the PS4 then the PS4 is going to lose.

            PS VR has a lot going for it, not as high end but great price and I highly doubt anyone could have a more simple set up and I bet the PC counterparts crash from time to time. Hell my PS4 has never crashed on me yet. Worst thing that’s happened is getting kicked from lobbies the first few weeks of Battlefield launch.

    • Optimus Prime

      Lol, keep your 960×1080

      • Allen

        I love the bull shit idiots spew when they don’t know what they are talking about and are trying to make a stand.

        1,920 x 1,080 is the display, 960 x 1080 per eye. You are going to have to try and get away with your lies somewhere else.

        Oh and I bet PS VR has a major part of the marketshare.

        • Optimus Prime

          I love idiots who don’t understand how VR works and talk like they do.

          Idiots will buy anything so you are probably right

          • Allen

            Oh so you are one of those morons that thinks all the good things that are said about hands on experience with PS VR is all 1 guy that’s a shill.

            I understand, you can go hide back under your rock now or go back to visit xbotcirclejerk. com

          • Optimus Prime

            Because you are an idiot I like xbox.

            Do you think when you play games on a TV 1 eye looks at half the picture and the other eye looks at the other half. Moron.

          • Allen

            First paragraph

            PlayStation VR sports a 5.7in 1,920 x 1,080 OLED display. Since PSVR uses stereoscopic 3D – using two screens with identical images for each eye – this translates into a resolution of around 960 x 1,080 per eye. The choice of OLED over LCD means that Sony’s VR games will really pop, thanks to the increased colour saturation and brightness.

            The head-tracking uses the PlayStation Camera, and Sony claims that it can capture the headset’s position up to 1,000 times every second. If accurate, this would make PlayStation VR both incredibly smooth and fantastically accurate.

            Improvements have also been made to the frame and refresh rates, bringing them up to 120fps and 120hz, respectively. This is critical to comfortable VR experiences, as it makes the visuals smoother and more immersive, with a latency of less than 18ms.

            Although the PlayStation 4 is currently incapable of rendering games at such a high frame rate, Sony’s chief of PlayStation has stated that a software update will address this. It will also be aided by a small additional unit, roughly the size of a Nintendo Wii, which connects to the PS4 in order to handle some of the more demanding processing tasks.

          • Optimus Prime

            What ever you need to tell yourself. PS4 and it’s users are a joke in the gaming community. Keep being a joke boy.

  • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

    PC Always wins, baby

    • Jason Fisher

      Hasn’t won since 92-93 era. Let’s be honest.

      • Fleetwood

        Honest? It’s the biggest platform in the market for gaming, not to mention the most innovative. I guess this website does suite it’s name.

        • Allen

          PC is the biggest platform in gaming!? LOL is that why PS4 constantly beats PC sales? Take a look at steamspy covering PC digital sales and then let’s talk lol.

          • Optimus Prime

            Do you just make things up and hope you people don’t check?

          • Allen

            name the game and let’s look it up. I haven’t found one that sold more on PC yet.

          • Fleetwood

            Jon Peddie, Superdata, PWC, Newzoo are all showing the same outcome. The PC hardware and software sales eclipse all 3 consoles “combined.” Not one of the three consoles “by itself” can even get close to the revenue the PC gaming market is spending.

            You’re looking at single games that is heavily marketed and doesn’t represent the whole market. SteamSpy isn’t even completely accurate, nor does it represent all of the digital sales on PC for that specific game. There are other storefronts (Amazon, GOG, Origin, Uplay, Humble Bundle, GMG etc..) and games given through promotions via AMD and Nvidia.


          • Allen

            Name the games then son lol you are a fool

          • Optimus Prime

            Coming on here and calling people names doesn’t make you any less of a clown.

            I’ve never met such a stupid pony in all my years.

            maybe your parents should take away your crap console until you get a brain and learn some respect boy.

          • Allen

            OMG wow I called you a fool! That must be the worst name you ever were called on the internet!

            lol and you are acting like a fool. Again just like people acting like bitches it is beyond me that someone can act foolish and then expect not to be called a fool.

          • Optimus Prime

            You called me idiot, boy and you were wrong, you need to learn some respect. Your ass needs a good beating. Your parents have done a poor job of rasing you.

            Again tell me more how 1 eye looks at half the screen and the other looks at the other.
            For some body so dumb you certainly like to talk a lot.

          • Allen

            Again you are acting like an idiot so you get called one. Maybe you should wise up a little and stop being a lie spewing little douche bag. I mean I’m just replying to the troll using a troll grayed out/guest account.

            Me I get an e-mail when you respond. This isn’t my life. But you, you gotta keep coming back to this page…hitting refresh…has he replied yet? Did he give me some attention? Oh I hope so.

            lol you are a fool. Way to change the subject after being beaten as well. I also love how you think you can insult me but I’m a child if I insult you.

            So tell me what AAA game of the year nominee did PC beat PS4 in sales on?

            If you aren’t going to read that which is provided then why should I bother explaining it to you…AGAIN. I’m just having fun here, I’m not trying to waste time having to repeat myself for the kid hiding from the truth.

          • Optimus Prime

            Look boy, you are clearly making up lies to prove you point, you have zero respect for others and disrespect them to get you lies across.

            Your dad should have pulled out. I’m guessing you’ve never met him. Or maybe you wouldn’t be such a little a**hole.

            Didn’t realize making an article a favorite was difficult. Given you double digit IQ I’m guesing operating a computer is hard for you

          • Allen

            lol dumb ass. You still have to be thinking of me. You have to be consciously going through the internet…”oh let’s go check up on my troll comment and see if I gained any attention”

            It’s okay, I see you again insulting me and again avoiding the question. I thought you were all that kid. Show me what you got. What AAA game of the year nominee game did PC beat PS4 in sales on. It shouldn’t be hard after all, I mean how big is the PC install base? Shit PS4 is still only at like 40 million right now yet PS4 ground stomps PC in AAA multi platform game of the year or game of the year nominiee games.

            You talk a lot of shit but have no facts to back it up. I’ve listed tons of games and all you can come up with is a free to play title and Counter Strike. Counter Strike is one of the main reasons to have a good gaming PC, it just doesn’t run right on consoles IMO and that’s the best you got.

          • Optimus Prime

            Look boy, I already said you are cherry picking games. Steam offers thousands of titles so individual games don’t sell as well. Steam sells more games than Sony period. It’s not a debate. We aren’t talking single games. We are talking all games total.

            Your PS4 is a joke.

          • Allen

            PC has tons of games that’s for sure but anything worth while is brought over to PS4 and the few that don’t well, that’s why I have a PC too. So I get to enjoy Elite Dangerous or Civ V or some of my older titles. But there are few and far between PC games I care about, you are talking about little shit that is just easier to develop for PC for. That’s all good and all but anything worth while is on PS4 and almost always PS4 ground stomps the shit out of PC despite your bull shit PC master race 4k, 120fps mod support bull shit.

            Oh I’m cherry picking lol YOU CAN’T COME UP WITH A GAME! lol hilarious. Oh and I didn’t cherry pick shit dude, I fucking looked up the best games of 2015 and all nominated for game of the year and guess what? PS4 beat the shit out of PC and I fucking proved it. Now you are trying to change the subject because you are weak and you know you just got your ass handed to you.

          • Optimus Prime

            Already have, CS:GO, 20 million, name one playstation game that sold 20 million, DOTA 66 million. what do you have that compares, you can add sequels together and not get those kind of numbers. even if you put Ps3 and 4 together moron. so cherry pick some more idiot.

          • Allen

            You haven’t done shit.

            (1) CS:GO isn’t on PS4 and it’s digital so sales are hard to track on console.
            (2) I’ve already stated that Counter Strike is a major reason to own a PC. It’s part of the reason why I still have a PC and myself have CS: GO on PC (and PS3).
            (3) Your free to play title is laughable and is like me comparing it to a bundled in game like Wii Sports. If you want to play that game Wii Sports sold 82.72 million.

            By your comparison we should look at Facebook games!

            (4) I have already listed game after game after game after game of PS4 ground stomping your pathetic PC. You can’t come up with shit.

            (5) GTA V on PS3 sold 21.7 million, PS4 will get the install base to rival those numbers.

            (6) The fact that PS4 is sitting at roughly 40 million install base but beats PC in almost every single title is laughable.

            (7) You are the one cherry picking. You can’t even come up with a multi platform title to compare. You are all over the place, frantic to come up with something but having zero luck because you are wrong dude, face it.

          • Optimus Prime

            Wrong about what steam sales far out number PS game sales and that just one. Steam users are over 125 million. You’re wrong face it. Your Playstation is a joke. I don’t believe you even have a gaming rig.
            PS3 has more consoles on the market than PS4 how are cs:go sales on PS3? Idiot.

          • Allen

            CS:GO on PS3 sales are shit idiot, it’s a fucking PC title that doesn’t really belong, I got it for free there but is the only FPS I can’t stand to play on console. Battlefield and COD have come out great on PS3 and PS4 and sells way more there than PC counterpart. See you are just cherry picking still moron.

            PlayStation has about as many PSN users as Steam, so what? We also have like 40 million PS+ subscribers happily paying for an excellent subscription to thousands of dollars in free games a year. Steam has their own greatness in excellent sales, that’s part of the reason I enjoy my PC.

            What’s really funny is that PlayStation 4 has been able to ground stomp PC sales so bad and that’s with their relatively small install base of 40 million. You keep avoiding that hilarious fact. Where are your 125 million steam users there? lol fool

          • Optimus Prime

            I proved you haven’t proved anything boy.
            Console gamers arent real gamers. They buy what is popular they don’t care about real games.

          • Optimus Prime

            Skyrim 10 million on steam, idiot
            Left 4 dead 14 million
            CS:source 14 million
            Team Fortress 32 million.
            CS 12 million
            Portal 2 8 million

            And hundreds more you have 1 game, 1 game that’s it. You are a joke. Moron.

          • Allen

            You came up WITH A COUPLE!!!! I’m so excited and impressed. You did research! You actually replied with some facts! Damn dude I thought you would bash your fking brain in against that wall before you finally found that door. Great job!

            I figured Skyrim would be up there on PC. With all the mod support it keeps getting and the better loading time…I am one of those gamers as well.

            Team fortress I never got into and I got Portal for free on PC when they did that “learning with portals” promotion.

            I don’t have 1 game, not sure what you are talking about there. EVERY SINGLE multi platform title to release since PS4 launch looks like it sold more than PC. I can’t find anything that isn’t.

            I think we can part ways with the fact that PC is a different animal than console. It has a ton of gamers but not a lot in the mainstream gaming more of the casual gaming, MMO’s and a few PC only games. It goes off in it’s own approach, it has games that aren’t on console just like console has exclusives and games like Red Dead Redemption and Destiny but as far as mainstream gaming goes PlayStation dominates PC.

          • Optimus Prime

            I know you are slow in the head but do you understand that when the market is flooded with great games for pc and consoles have little offerings of course the few consoles games will sell more. PC total game sales dominate ps4. What part about that do you not understand. Dota may be free to play but it’s another business model that makes money. Sorry your ps4 hasn’t caught up to the new markets . You’re just a ignorant pony that doesn’t know anything. That doesnot have a gaming rig. Keep defending your POS console

          • Allen

            What are you even talking about? Do you just blast off any random bull shit that comes up in your head or what world do you live in? Of course, yes, PC has a ton more games than PS4. It always has a bigger install base because people can just upgrade where as PlayStation is divided. Also apparently you live under a rock because there is some very successful and very good free to play on console as well.

            Also you gotta look at quality and the fact that every good game that releases on PC seems to find it’s way to PlayStation if not also Xbox.

            2015 alone:

            PS4 – 276 games – 6 at 90 or higher
            Xbone – 204 games – 2 at 90 or higher
            WiiU – 80 games – 1 at 90 or higher
            PC – 415 games – 5 at 90 or higher

          • Fleetwood

            You didn’t even read the comment, nor you don’t even know who Jon Peddie, Superdata, PWC, Newzoo are. Not surprised.

          • Allen

            lol what does that matter? Of course I know of those companies. Just saying some names doesn’t mean you are proven right. I keep proving it, I provide the info not just spew some bull shit and hope people will just believe me.

          • Fleetwood

            Your hope versus facts doesn’t stand. Enjoy your ignorance and immature self.


          • Allen

            What is it you are even trying to say? What bold claim are you trying to make? Every single AAA blockbuster released in 2015 that is multi platform all sold way more on PS4. I challenge you to disprove anything.

      • Guester

        …….. K. Your common sense is…….

  • Guester

    Well yeah. People eventually realize paying 60 or 85 in canada for a new game is pricey. So why not buy the shiniest best version that plays at double the frame rate and in some cases lets you mod.

  • crizz1066

    OK so more and more of us are getting a PC to go alongside our consoles. But I dont see the end for consoles. Well not until they make plug in and play as easy as it is with consoles. Otherwise kiddies n parents wont be able to use ’em!! Steam OS is not quite there.

  • Pierre

    LOL, are they serious? The PC market isn’t going away but it isn’t going to dominate consoles. That increase in revenue is coming from the mobile/tablet market (which they shouldn’t be counting as PC it should be counted as mobile) and MMO cash shops. If PC gaming does overtake consoles in revenue it will be because of Facebook or some other social network, definitely not “AAA” PC titles. Personally I’m a PC gamer I prefer that platform but I also own consoles. Gaming PCs cost too much and now that consoles can surf the web and have apps there are fewer and fewer reasons for console gamers to get a PC unless it’s for the productivity software.

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