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Persona 5 Explores New Game Mechanics and Palaces

by Joanne Choi


AtlusUSA recently posted a trailer of the next anticipated Persona game which have fans thrilled about.

Persona 5 is set in Tokyo where seemingly ordinary high school students actually fight evil in their clever disguises.  Some cutting-edge gameplay was introduced in the trailer, as the gang infiltrates a palace transported into another dimension in order to take on the Shadows.  Allowing players to also choose character dialogue along the way and obtain money or useful items.  Players acquire different personas upon defeating enemies.  Taking control of the silent protagonist, gamers can change tactics while in game and use unique melee attacks.

A new strategy called “Baton Pass” enables the characters to strike opponents’ weaknesses.  With the help of sidekick and mascot of the team, Morgana landing critical hits.  A sleek blend of anime cut scenes and stunning stealth moves, Persona 5 is looking to be a promising JRPG game.

A spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei franchise developed by Atlus, Persona 5 will be the sixth installment in the popular ongoing series.  The story revolves around a mysterious teenager who transfers to Shujin High School located in Tokyo, Japan where he meets a group of friends, Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki and a cat-like creature Morgana who assists them in their mission.  They form the indestructible vigilante group known as the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts.”  Together, they must stop the dark forces from taking over the world.  Originally released in Japan in September 2016, the West was delayed due development matters; the creators expressed their goals in perfecting the game. Persona 5 will releasing on April 4 in North America for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 respectively.

While fans are waiting for the game to hit shelves in two months, they can listen to a sample of the game’s original soundtrack thanks to Atlus.  Included in the ‘Take your Heart Edition’, the limited edition features must-have items for Persona fans, such as, the game’s full soundtrack, a Morgana plushie, and school bag up for pre-order now at $89.99.


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