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Persona 5: The Royal Is Coming To Take Your Heart In 2020

Packing new systems, features and more.

by Jelani James


After a myriad of teases, Atlus has finally revealed a slew of information about their upcoming Persona game, Persona 5: The Royal, revealing not just some key details, but even a release window.

First things first: Persona 5: The Royal is coming a bit sooner than expected, with it slated to release in Japan on Oct.31 and at some point in 2020 in the West.

As for the details, the announcement revealed that the updated title will receive a variety of new features, systems and at least two new characters.

The first of these new characters, Kasumi Yoshizawa, is a teenage girl who transfers to Shujin Academy the same year the protagonist moves to Tokyo, and quickly enters the spotlight there thanks to her past achievements in rhythmic gymnastics. The announcement notes that she apparently looks up to the protagonist, but isn’t fond of the Phantom Thieves, so it remains unclear how she eventually ditches the hoops and ribbons for the sword that she is seen wielding in the trailer.

And joining her will be Takuto Maruki, a counselor hired by Shujin Academy due to the aftermath of April’s incident. He’ll serve as yet another confidant and will be of the “Le Consultant ”arcana.

Meanwhile, there will be new activities, such as a new dating location (an aquarium) and a bar where players can challenge their teammates to a game of pool and darts; along with new events featuring Caroline and Justine, as well as the ability to take selfies to preserve your favorite moments. Fortunately, these new features will be met with something called Status Assist, allowing for further assistance in managing your school life.

For now, the only details that remain notably sparse are the updates related to combat. We know there will be new enemies and treasure, whose purpose is unknown, that appears in the Palace, but that’s it.

Oh, there will also be PlayStation 4 Pro support to make the game look even better, and “countless new tracks” to bolster an already impressive soundtrack.

The next batch of information is set to arrive on May 9, so stay tuned.

Check out the English teaser trailer and extended Japanese trailer below:


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