Persona Q2 Coming to the West This June

The sequel to 2014's Persona Q is making its way to the West.

by Dylan Siegler

3DS owners rejoice; new games are still coming to the almost-ten-year-old handheld console. Specifically, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, a sequel to 2014’s Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, was just given a Western release date.

Persona developer ATLUS recently announced in a press release that Persona Q2 will be coming to the West on June 4 this year on the 3DS. In this dungeon crawler RPG, characters from Persona 5 will meet up with fan favorites from Persona 3Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 as they make their way through various levels each designed to represent a different film genre.

Those who pre-order the game, or buy it early (while supplies last), can get the Launch Edition, which will include the game as well as four buttons featuring characters from P3P3PP4, and P5. The Standard and Launch Editions of the game will both be available for $39.99, but there will also be a “Showtime” Premium Edition of Persona Q2 for $69.99, which will contain the game and the buttons, as well as a deck of playing characters featuring characters from the game, an art book, a plush doll of Koromaru from Persona 3, and a collectible box to keep everything in.

You can watch the game’s announcement trailer below.

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