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Petition Created To Help Revive NFL 2K To Challenge EA Sports’ Madden Series

by Damian Seeto


A keen 2K Sports fan has created a website dedicated to a petition to help revive the NFL 2K series from obscurity. The group’s goal is for an American Football video game to challenge EA Sports’ Madden series once again.

You can visit their website by clicking here and a lot of people have signed the petition already. The group’s slogan is to “Stop the Maddeness”.

The reason they want to bring back the NFL 2K series is because they are sick of the Madden series made by EA Sports. They want something fresh and they’re hoping 2K Sports can provide that for them.

Here’s what they said: “We are a small team of highly motivated individuals committed to achieving our goal. We are avid gamers and activists who have been involved in several social media campaigns. In addition, we have been repeatedly appalled with the quality of games Madden produces every year.”

The only major barrier to their dream is that EA Sports has exclusive rights to the NFL license so it’s not really possible for 2K Sports to make an official game.

2K Sports could do what Joe Madden Football 16 is doing and feature unlicensed teams and players of the past. Alternatively, there is a gap in the market for college football games as EA Sports stopped making those.

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