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Phantom Dust Releasing For Free on Xbox One & Windows 10 on May 16th

by William Schwartz


Phantom Dust is apparently still coming out, and releasing for free on Xbox One and Windows 10 on May 16th.  The announcement comes from Aaron Greenberg via Twitter and was quite unexpected.  The cult-classic was announced a few years ago at E3 to not be heard from again for awhile.

Greenberg says, “Excited to announce a fan favorite Phantom Dust will re-release exclusively tomorrow for free on Xbox One and Windows 10.”

For free sounds like a pretty good proposition for Xbox One owners(or Windows 10 gamers).

The original Phantom Dust launched all the way back in 2005 for the original Xbox console.  It’s a story of a far future Earth where the world has become uninhabitable from, well, dust.  This forces humanity underground.  Some humans have the ability to control dust, allowing them to be on the surface for short periods of time.  The game is an action title, with strategy elements.

With so little said about this development, it’s unclear what exactly will be released tomorrow.  The original project that they were rebooting was seemingly on-hold, and the re-release was moved over to a new developer, Code Mystics.  Apparently the game will have the original graphics but with assets updated for better resolution as well as Xbox Live support.

Update:  A new video was released by Microsoft that sheds some light on what the game looks and plays like.

What is Phantom Dust

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