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No Plans for PS3 price cut on slim models

by William Schwartz


Sony has no plans to reduce the price of the PS3, despite getting ready to introduce a new hardware iteration to the market. In fact, the PlayStation 3 will actually rise in price for its base model, according to the information released in Sony’s announcement.

While gamers will get an expanded memory capacity in the lowest priced PS3 (from 160GB to 250GB), they will also see a $20 increase in the entry price point for the PS3 from $250 to $270. Sony’s John Koller told Engadget that this was due largely in part to consumer demand.

“When you look at some of the earlier chassis, and the really early adopters — the 20GB, and the 60GB — that consumer had a choice. They could either go out and buy another hard drive — and it’s an easy install, so we make it easy for the consumer if they want to take a hard drive off the shelf and plug it in, they can do that. They had a choice of doing that, or purchasing another PlayStation 3. And what’s been happening is we’re seeing a lot of adoption of second consoles in-house,” the executive said in the recent interview.

The first two new PlayStation 3 models will arrive next week on September 25th, 2012.

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