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Some Playable Vehicles In Star Wars Battlefront Revealed

by Damian Seeto


DICE has now revealed a few more vehicles that are actually playable for you to pilot in Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront’s community manager, Mathew Everett, answered a few fan questions about the game on Reddit. Everett named some specific vehicles you can actually pilot in the game.

The playable vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront so far are: AT-ST, Snow Speeder, Speeder bike, X-Wings, TIE Fighter and Millennium Falcon. Everett also said “and more” so there will be a few other vehicles that we might be able to drive too. Obviously most of them will be vehicles from the original trilogy. We know right now the prequel trilogy isn’t included in the game on launch day.

In terms of piloting the vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront, Everett said they are “a lot easier to fly” than planes in the Battlefield series. He said it’s “padawan friendly“. DICE will go into more details on piloting vehicles in the coming months.

Even though there are no space battles in Star Wars Battlefront, it looks like the game will still allow you to pilot many vehicles. Some people were scared all of the vehicles will just be “on-rails”. Hopefully DICE is willing to share more details on it at E3 next month.

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