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Playstation 3 Is Highest Trafficked Game System For Popular Adult Site

by William Schwartz


Gaming’s favorite adult website, PornHUB has released statistics that shows influx of traffic based on each system. Not including Next-Gen platforms.

The numbers are quite surprising given that there are any people at all who utilize the Nintendo 3DS to watch porn. The numbers come from PornHUB’s internal numbers and from their insights section, which recently compared not only game systems, but mobile phones, desktop browsers and even desktop OS systems to see who visited the most, and how long they stayed around.


The pie graph shows that Playstation 3 users visit the most from thee PS3 browser which accounts for 45.8% of the consoles traffic, whereas the Nintendo 3DS accounts for 1.4% of the total traffic. The Nintendo Wii accounts for 6.4% which is significantly less than the other two home consoles, but it still is more than the other two handheld platforms.

The chart shows that Playstation 3 users have roughly 6.71 page views per visit, where those browsing on the Vita have 9.92 views per visit which may make Vita users look slightly indecisive. The visit duration is another part of the spectrum that shows Vita users, who may visit the most pages but they stay logged in the least with an average of 7 minutes and 55 seconds.


It’s all quite interesting and is kind of funny considering it shows a difference compared to last year. Playstation 3 users dropped from just below 8.2 page views per visit and the Nintendo Wii stayed at about the same it was. The difference can be accounted for though, because unlike last year, they did not poll or include next-gen consoles.  So it is likely that the users who would have made up the difference in page views, simply went to Playstation 4. Either way, still interesting. I am still here wondering who is watching porn on the Nintendo 3DS.

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