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PlayStation 4 accounts for 20% of all Twitch LiveStreams

by William Schwartz


Livestreaming on the PlayStation 4 is a popular feature of the new console.  Likely due to its ease of use, streaming games has never been more accessible.  Regardless, the launch of the PlayStation 4 and these streaming features has seen a huge jump on the popular Twitch streaming service.

According to Twitch, PlayStation 4 streamers account for 20% of all streaming broadcasts on the network.  This number is double the figure that Twitch announced in December. As PlayStation 4’s are sold by the truckload, these numbers could continue to increase for Twitch and Sony.

Currently, Sony’s PS4 is the only place to stream content by using internal software.  While Microsoft announced a Twitch partnership back at E3 2013, the company delayed streaming capabilities just ahead of the Xbox One launch.  Once they get their issues sorted and launch their application to stream from the Xbox One dashboard, these numbers will likely boost yet again.

- This article was updated on:January 7th, 2014

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