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PlayStation 4 Getting Big Discounts Across Europe the Day of Nintendo Switch Release

by Jose Belmonte


Coinciding with the releases of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Nintendo Switch, various European retailers have put up special offers for PlayStation 4 that will last only for today. Depending on the retailer, we can get Sony’s home console for as low as €199, with other stores adding an extra controller for €50 more.

Some people see this as an attempt at sharing the spotlight on the day the new Nintendo console arrives, and for others it’s just a smart marketing campaign that makes use of the bigger flow of customers that stores will receive. In any case, today is a great day to get yourself a PlayStation 4, with the number of heavy discounts that the console is receiving across most European countries

Retailers offering these special deals seem to vary in each country, and so far we have seen evidence of Amazon, Game, and MediaMarkt offering these one-day only deals. For example, MediaMarkt offers a PS4 with 500Gb of memory for €199 in Germany and Belgium, while in Spain the same retailer adds an extra controller, a copy of The Division, and three months of PS Plus for €249. Game and Amazon are offering a very similar deal in certain territories, just excluding the game. Other reported countries getting special deals today include Finland and Italy.

Once we have the console, what games should we get? There are some very interesting choices, as the console has been getting a high number of exclusives over the last couple of months, starting with this week’s excellent Horizon: Zero Dawn, and previous releases Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, or Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

If we don’t feel like paying full price for a game at the moment, the PlayStation Store has Rise of the Tomb Raider as the deal of the week, for only €28.99. We will also find a special discount on many EA titles including Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 or FIFA 17.

Not only that, but as we reported earlier this week, Sony is offering anyone who makes purchases for €50 or more in the PlayStation Store during March a €10 voucher to spend in April. We can make multiple purchases of games, DLC content, or PS Plus subcriptions in different days. As long as we spend €50 over the month, we will get our voucher code.

Are you going to take any of these deals? Have you seen even better discounts in a store near you? Tell us in the comments section.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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