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PlayStation 4 will support wireless headsets from the PS3

by William Schwartz


Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 will support wireless headsets from the PS3. A Sony rep confirmed the news to Polygon at San Diego ComicCon earlier today. That’s great news for those that already own the headset, but for those that don’t, Sony will be shipping the PS4 with a mono earbud headset.

It’s also one less piece of equipment that Sony fans will need to buy at launch. Microsoft should probably take a page out of Sony’s playbook on this one. Instead, the company said that it’s shipping it’s console with a Kinect, that can be used as a microphone. It’s a move that has fans worried about having to fork out even more cash on a headset for online play on day one.

It wasn’t specified in the report whether this backwards compatibility would work for all wireless headsets that currently work on the PlayStation 3, or whether it was the Sony headsets specifically.

The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the console is expected to arrive this holiday season at $400. Headset included.

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