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PlayStation 4 Update 8.01 Released

Sony's released a new firmware update seems like it's back to business as usual.

by Kenny Keelan


Sony has finally released a follow-up firmware update for the PlayStation 4 after the debacle that was its last update in version 8.0, releasing version 8.01 today. It’s about what you would expect from an update this increment of an update but considering what came before, some speculation as to what’s really included could be had.

You might remember some of the issues that came with the last full update that resulted in some dramatics as well as some actual system problems, whose effects have been felt for some time. The effects ranged quite a bit, from stuff that always happens when an update is installed improperly to system problems when trying to load their friends’ lists. Even when it went well, some people felt that they disagreed with some of the changes they made to party chat, among other features that received changes in the last update.

Sony’s update patch notes are, as follows, in case anyone hasn’t seen this a million times before:

PS4 System Update 8.01 Patch Notes

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Given the nature of the problems faced with the last update, it would be a safe assumption to think that Sony put a lot of work into stabilizing a lot of the issues recently faced by PlayStation 4 users. Of course, this can’t be confirmed as there’s nothing saying so in the patch notes but with a cursory glance at feedback on Twitter and Reddit, one can see that, outside of improperly installing the patch due to internet or power cutting out in the middle of installation, there aren’t many problems, looking like this update is fixing more than it’s breaking. Coming in at 477 MB, I would imagine there were probably a lot of small tweaks to take care of.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t any issues you should be aware of, though: some users are reporting that the firmware update has caused problems with their wireless network connection. Given the nature of the problems, which seem rooted in DNS settings, it could be said that it’s possible this could affect wired connections, too. There are no set error messages or confirmation that the patch is directly responsible but all recent reports of this issue come directly after the patch was released, so please be watchful and be sure to report any issues that the patch may have caused.

That being said, though, most of the conversation surrounding this firmware update for the PlayStation 4 at version 8.01 seems positive, if not nonplussed about it, as it appears like every other patch that has ever come out for the system.

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