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PlayStation 4 System Update 3.00 Is Now Available

by Dean James


Sony just surprised us yesterday with the reveal that the latest major update for the PlayStation 4 would be coming out the following day, but Sony didn’t wait long into the day as the PlayStation 4 system update 3.00 is now available.

The latest update for the PS4 adds a lot of new features to the system, which span a lot of different areas of the system. The full update notes for this this system update have also been provided by Wario64. The addition of communities, the ability to upload video clips to Twitter, and being able to live stream on YouTube are definitely some of the bigger ones.

When the details of this update were announced yesterday, one previously announced feature that was missing was the jump from 1 GB in cloud storage to 10 GB for PS Plus members. This is also missing from the update notes, but luckily it appears that it is still in fact included according to a poster on NeoGAF that confirmed as such.

The PS Vita also has gotten an update, though the details have not been revealed yet. During the beta phase, remote play did not work with the PS Vita, so it’s very likely that’s at least part of that update. It could also be something to do with the exploit that was discovered earlier this week to not limit the games playable on PlayStation TV.

As long as you have your PlayStation 4 set to Rest Mode and automatic updates chosen, you should have this one already downloaded by the time you next turn on your system.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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