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PlayStation Anthology Book Seeking Funding on Kickstarter

by Jose Belmonte


A group of videogame history experts seeks funding to release a book that tells the incredible story of the original PlayStation. Titled “PlayStation Anthology,” the book covers all aspects that helped making the console one of the most influential products in the industry, including its revolutionary technology, the many groundbreaking marketing campaigns and, of course, and in-depth of its legendary catalogue, including interviews with the creators of many iconic games.

The Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Geeks-Line, who are responsible for the excellent Nintendo 64 Anthology book, which also made use of crowd-funding to be released. This time the group is looking to obtain €40.000, a mark from which they are already half-way through in a very short time, and with 25 more days left until they reach the deadline.

The PlayStation Anthology book will have different sections, one of the most important being a thorough investigation of the history of the console, starting from the origins of Sony as a Japanese electronic company at the end of World War II, and the original “Play Station” project linked to Nintendo. After covering the console release, the section becomes even more fascinating, with the history of the E3 presentations, the marketing campaigns, the competition from Sega and Nintendo, and the eventual step down in order to make room for the PlayStation 2.

To get a better understanding of the state of the market, Geeks-Line has interviewed many of the most important personalities that developed the iconic games of the time, including Lorne Lanning from Abe’s Oddysee, Yūji Horii from Dragon Quest, Hitoshi Sakimoto from Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics, Jason Rubin from Crash Bandicoot, Yoshinori Kitase from Final Fantasy, or Ian Livingstone from Tomb Raider.

Backers can order the book in its classic and collector’s editions, the last one including about 50 pages more that list every game launched for the console, while the release is expected by September of this year. The reward list is fairly simple, with the different versions of the book, a bundle with the Nintendo 64 Anthology, and the most expensive including a limited, customized PlayStation console by French artist Joffrey.

Head to the Kickstarter page of the campaign to support the project and get a sneak peak of the contents of the book on the video below.

PlayStation Anthology

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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