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PlayStation architect promises a strong future for the PS4


Attack of the Fanboy recently reported on part of an interview with Mark Cerny, Head Architect on the PlayStation 4. This wasn’t the end of the interview however; IGN has since posted two further portions of their talk with Cerny.

The second part of the interview focuses on how the PS4 will handle games, including the fast-growing indie market. Beginning with questions about Cerny’s experience, he discusses developing not only the PlayStation architecture, but also his experience with making games.

He also references the growing shift from games with separate single player and multiplayer modes, especially by Ubisoft.  He thinks that the blurring of this line is a trend that will continue in the PS4’s lifetime, as well as the growth of “living software”. Destiny is the game that Cerny uses as an example, “every time you go back to the game, my understanding is; new missions, new places to explore and so on.”, a trend which is expected to expand in the years to come.

The Future’s Bright

The third and final part of the interview covers the futures of Sony, the PS4 and Mark Cerny. He goes into some very deep detail regarding the ability of the GPU, detail which mainly consists of acronyms and complicated jargon. The overall message is summarized below.

It looks like the future for this generation of consoles is very bright indeed.

Cerny says that games within the first year will benefit from the high bandwidth that Sony has, resulting in improved graphics, and will still be great games. In three or four years time however; “you can improve the quality of your world simulation without decreasing the quality of your graphics”, he explains, due to developers having the opportunity to study the architecture of the PS4 for a number of years.

“It looks like the future for this generation of consoles is very bright indeed.”, expresses Mark at one point. So the PlayStation 4 looks like it will not only be a wise buy on the launch day, but also a wise future investment as it will get considerably better within the first four years.

The PS4 will release this winter, thought to be within a few weeks of the Xbox One which is confirmed for a November release.

- This article was updated on:November 17th, 2013

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