PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2021

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PlayStation has just announced its lineup of this month’s free games for PlayStation Plus members. This time around, the list includes Star Wars: Squadrons, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, and Operation: Tango. Star Wars Squadrons and Virtua Fighter will be available for both PS4 and PS5 while Operation: Tango will only be available to Plus members with a PS5.

Star Wars: Squadrons


Star Wars: Squadrons is a space dogfighter released in October of 2020. It was designed by Motive Studios (the team behind Star Wars Battlefront II) and published by Electronic Arts. The game is class-based with a variety of flyable ships for both the goodies and baddies such as the classic X-Wings and TIEs. The game is hailed for its gorgeous cinematics, well-balanced multiplayer, and its fast-paced, immersive virtual reality mode.

Virtua Fighter 5


Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is a remake of a classic Sega cabinet fighter. This PlayStation exclusive is not VF5’s first console appearance (it is famously available to play at the Yakuza series’s in-game arcades) but it is its prettiest. Updated features include a wide range of graphical improvements, new online features, new BGM, new menu tracks, a new interface, and a brand new opening cinematic that is looking, it’s safe to say, quite hype. This remake launches on June 1st when this lineup becomes available.

Operation: Tango


Operation: Tango is the newest of the bunch with a release also scheduled for June 1st. The game is a multiplayer, co-op spy adventure in which you and another player team up to foil the evil plans of a high-tech, global threat. The game revolves around asymmetric puzzle solving in which one player takes the role of the “agent” spying around the level while the other takes the role of the “hacker” overseeing their progress and manipulating machines in the agent’s path (think Kim and Wade if you’re old enough). The game is also cross-platform and will be released at the same time on Steam.

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