PlayStation Plus Nearing 50 Million Subscriber Milestone

PlayStation Plus is set to mark a new milestone.

by Gordon Bicker


PlayStation Plus has been in service since June 29th of 2010 and over the years it has seen several changes to its infrastructure. The monthly subscription service has offered players discounts for games on the PlayStation store along with increased sale prices on games in a base sale to other players. Monthly games have also become a staple of the service which gives players a range of free games each month from indie games to AAA titles; there is something for everyone with the service. Notably, PlayStation Plus allows players to partake in online multiplayer which is one of the biggest selling points of the subscription service. Now on track to reach a 50 million subscriber milestone, PlayStation Plus is set to make its mark on history.

The launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5 likely has fast-tracked this process with many eager fans wanting to indulge themselves in everything that the subscription Service offers. For the PlayStation 5 specifically, Sony introduced the PlayStation Plus Collection which gives players a vast array of titles to download for free, games such as Bloodborne and Persona 5 are on the list of twenty titles. The games industry estimates that the PS5 will generate over 67 million total unit sales by the year 2024 which will likely see the subscription service rise in numbers even further.


In 2014, PlayStation Plus had around eight million subscribers according to a Statista report but over the years there has been a whopping increase in total numbers with 2021 having numbers closer to fifty million. Another official report represents these trends in detail. The eight million value in 2014 compared to the numbers in 2021 showcases an increased change of around 450%. That is certainly something that the company should be proud of generating for PlayStation Plus.

Over the last few months, there have been many sales happening across the PlayStation Store that service users can take advantage of in order to get the best price for the games that they desire to have. At the moment, all players can visit the store and view the ‘Halloween Sale’ that is occurring for savings of up to 75%. Further, running alongside the Halloween sales, there is also the ‘November Sales’ where savings of up to 70% can be had. Overall; there are a lot of exciting prospects and features for PlayStation and PlayStation Plus users to utilise and enjoy using.

The PlayStation Plus service due to its current trends and trajectory will likely hit the 50 million subscriber mark within the next few months.

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