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PlayStation Store Retro Sale Takes Us Back To The Past

by Dean James


The PlayStation Store has more games than you can count on it across the multiple PlayStation platforms. Every week, Sony provides us with some sort of a sale, some better than others, and the good news is this week’s is quite good.

Being called the Retro Sale, most of the games are actually not all old or something, but rather games in that old style. This includes the likes of Hotline Miami, SteamWorld Dig, and Titan Souls.

There are also a few other older games as well that are thrown into the mix for some reason, including Toy Story 2, a few Star Wars PS2 Classics, and more.

Lastly, there are also a few collections in the bunch that bring together multiple older games, like Capcom Arcade Cabinet and Namco Museum Essentials.

These sales will run through next Monday, August 31, so if you are interested, make sure not to miss out.

TitlePlatformPS Plus PriceSale PriceOriginal Price
AQUA KITTY – Milk Mine Defender DXPS4$3.60$4.50$8.99
Arcade Archives CRAZY CLIMBERPS4$3.99$4.79$7.99
Arcade Archives MOON CRESTAPS4$3.99$4.79$7.99
Arcade Archives TERRA CRESTAPS4$3.99$4.79$7.99
Bound by FlamePS4$12.00$16.00$39.99
Child of LightPS4$4.50$6.00$14.99
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s CutPS4$7.49$8.99$14.99
Grim Fandango RemasteredPS4$6.00$7.50$14.99
Home – A Unique Horror AdventurePS4$1.50$2.00$4.99
Hotline MiamiPS4$3.00$4.00$9.99
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberPS4$7.49$8.99$14.99
Jamestown+ CompletePS4$6.99$8.39$13.99
OlliOlli2: Welcome to OlliwoodPS4$7.49$8.99$14.99
Putty SquadPS4$12.49$14.99$24.99
Retro City Rampage DXPS4$4.00$5.00$9.99
Rock Boshers DX: Director’s CutPS4$2.80$3.50$6.99
Rogue LegacyPS4$6.80$8.50$16.99
Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost QuarkPS4$4.99$5.99$9.99
Strike Suit Zero: Director’s CutPS4$6.00$8.00$19.99
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthPS4$11.99$13.49$14.99
The EscapistsPS4$11.99$13.99$19.99
Titan SoulsPS4$7.49$8.99$14.99
Tower of GunsPS4$7.49$8.99$14.99
TowerFall AscensionPS4$4.50$6.00$14.99
Trials FusionPS4$8.00$10.00$19.99
WE ARE DOOMEDPS4$4.99$5.99$9.99
Worms BattlegroundsPS4$7.50$10.00$24.99
Metal Slug 3PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita$7.49$8.99$14.99
SteamWorld DigPS4 / PS Vita$3.00$4.00$9.99
SteamWorld DigPS4 / PS Vita$3.00$4.00$9.99
DJMAX Portable 3PSP / PSVita$12.00$20.00$39.99
Strikers 1945 PlusPSP / PSVita$1.50$2.50$4.99
Babel RisingPS3$2.50$3.50$9.99
BEYOND: Two SoulsPS3$6.00$8.00$19.99
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienPS3$3.00$4.00$9.99
BloodRayne: Betrayal Full Game UnlockPS3$3.00$4.00$9.99
Bound by FlamePS3$9.00$12.00$29.99
Call of Juarez GunslingerPS3$3.75$5.25$14.99
Capcom Arcade CabinetPS3$9.00$12.00$29.99
Child of LightPS3$4.50$6.00$14.99
Cloudberry KingdomPS3$2.50$3.50$9.99
de Blob 2PS3$1.50$3.00$14.99
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton EditionPS3$4.00$5.00$9.99
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraPS3$4.50$6.00$14.99
From DustPS3$3.75$5.25$14.99
Hotline MiamiPS3$3.00$4.00$9.99
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberPS3$7.49$8.99$14.99
I Am AlivePS3$3.75$5.25$14.99
Jet Car StuntsPS3$3.20$4.00$7.99
Mad RidersPS3$2.50$3.50$9.99
Mega Man 9 & 10 Combo PackPS3$4.50$6.00$14.99
Might & Magic Clash of HeroesPS3$3.75$5.25$14.99
Namco Museum EssentialsPS3$2.00$3.00$9.99
Ninja Gaiden SigmaPS3$9.99$13.99$19.99
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2PS3$9.99$13.99$19.99
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsPS3$6.00$7.50$14.99
Ratchet & Clank: Into the NexusPS3$7.49$8.99$14.99
Rayman 3 HDPS3$2.50$3.50$9.99
Retro City Rampage DXPS3$4.00$5.00$9.99
Rogue LegacyPS3$6.80$8.50$16.99
Shoot Many RobotsPS3$2.50$3.50$9.99
Star Wars Bounty Hunter (PS2 Classic)PS3$4.99$5.99$9.99
Star Wars: Racer Revenge (PS2 Classic)PS3$4.99$5.99$9.99
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixPS3$3.00$4.00$9.99
Superfrog HDPS3$2.50$3.50$9.99
Tecmo Bowl ThrowbackPS3$4.99$6.99$9.99
The Misadventures of Tron BonnePS3$3.59$4.19$5.99
The Wolf Among Us – Season PassPS3$3.75$5.25$14.99
Tower of GunsPS3$7.49$8.99$14.99
Guacamelee! Bundle FantásticoPS3 / PS Vita$6.00$8.00$19.99
Disney Pixar Toy Story 2 (PSOne Classic)PS3 / PS Vita / PSP$1.50$2.10$5.99
AQUA KITTY – Milk Mine Defender DXPS Vita$3.60$4.50$8.99
DustforcePS Vita$4.00$5.00$9.99
Grim Fandango RemasteredPS Vita$6.00$7.50$14.99
Home – A Unique Horror AdventurePS Vita$1.50$2.00$4.99
Hotline MiamiPS Vita$3.00$4.00$9.99
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberPS Vita$7.49$8.99$14.99
Jet Car StuntsPS Vita$3.20$4.00$7.99
Joe DangerPS Vita$4.40$5.50$10.99
Joe Danger 2: The MoviePS Vita$4.40$5.50$10.99
Putty SquadPS Vita$12.49$14.99$24.99
Retro City Rampage DXPS Vita$4.00$5.00$9.99
Rock Boshers DX: Director’s CutPS Vita$2.80$3.50$6.99
Rogue LegacyPS Vita$6.80$8.50$16.99
Superfrog HDPS Vita$2.50$3.50$9.99
Titan SoulsPS Vita$7.49$8.99$14.99

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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