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PlayStation Trophies Are Getting a Light Revamp

It's not the grandest change in the world, but it does alter how trophy levels work.

by Brandon Adams


While we have to wait another month to get our hands on the PlayStation 5, Sony has decided to release a minor overhaul to their Trophies system today. In an article over on the PlayStation Blog, Toshimasa Aoki, director of Product Management at SIE, detailed the changes that are being made to Trophies.

PlayStation Trophies will see their levels redone, and your existing progress will carry over to the PS5.

The largest change coming today to PlayStation Trophies is the extended leveling system, which is shifting from a 1-100 range to 1-999. That’s . . . quite a few new levels to grind. To compensate for the vastly larger leveling range the calculation structure has been redone to make the earlier levels faster to progress through, and Platinum Trophies now count more towards your level than before. Your current level will be converted over to the new system, so someone sitting at level 12 will likely find themselves in the low 200’s.

The Trophy level icons have also been adjusted to fit the new 1-999 leveling curve, with Bronze featuring levels 1-299, Silver levels 300-599, Gold levels 600-998, and Platinum reserved for the cap of 999. Aoki clarified that your previously earned trophies from other PlayStation platforms will transfer over to the PlayStation 5, and you can check your progression on both the PS App and at My PlayStation.

The update isn’t exactly cosmic, but it does lay some of the backend groundwork for the upcoming PlayStation 5. While the lack of cross-save – and in effect trophy progression – for some of the PlayStation 4 games coming to PlayStation 5 remains a touch disappointing, there won’t be any shortage of new trophies for PlayStation fans to pursue. This refreshed leveling curve should feel more rewarding in theory, but time will tell if fans like grinding out more frequent level-ups over a wider range, or if they preferred the more abbreviated, original level curve.

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