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Pokemon Celebi Giveaway Available Now – Here’s How to Get it

by Kyle Hanson


The Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration continues today with the start of the Celebi giveaway. If you haven’t been following the latest in all things Pokemon, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original games, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are giving away a new Mythical Pokemon every month. Last month saw Mew, which could be obtained via a code from Gamestop or other retailers in foreign markets. This month players can grab Celebi.

What makes this giveaway even better than Mew’s is that you don’t need a code to get your Mythical Pokemon. Instead just load up any copy of Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire and connect to the internet. Select the Mystery Gift option on the main screen, then Receive Gift, and Get via Internet. The system will then send you a Celebi, which you’ll have to get in the game by going to a Pokemon Center and speaking with the lady next to the counter. Be sure to save your game after this or you’ll miss out and not be able to get another one.

Celebi is a level 100 Pokemon with a move set based around support your team, and causing trouble for the enemy’s. His moves are Confusion, Recover, Heal Ball, and Safeguard. Celebi will only be available until March 24th. April will see the return of Jirachi, a particularly tough to get Pokemon.

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