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Pokémon GO – Burn Drive Genesect Raid Hour Makeup Event Coming Today

When and where will it be?

by Kyle Hanson


Pokémon GO events always come with a chance of things going wrong. Often they don’t and fans have a great time battling and catching Pokémon. But sometimes there are issues, as is expected with such a huge and massively popular mobile game with innovative features and extremely complex systems. And so, when things do go wrong Niantic tries to make it right, often with makeup events for those impacted. This is the case for the Burn Drive Genesect raid hour in Pokémon GO, with a makeup event coming later today for some regions.

When is the Burn Drive Genesect Raid Hour Makeup Event

The Burn Drive Genesect raid hour will take place in Pokémon GO on Friday, January 8th starting at 6pm and ending at 7pm in your local time. This is just two days after the previously planned raid hour, which was to happen on Wednesday as is common each week. However, issues happened that caused it to be delayed or entirely cancelled depending on your time zone. And so, based on those time zones you may or may not be able to participate in this makeup event (see below).

Where is the Burn Drive Genesect Raid Hour Makeup Event

The makeup event for Burn Drive Genesect raid hour in Pokémon GO will only happen in the following time zones: GMT -3, -4, and -5. This consists of a large portion of the eastern Americas, including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Greenland, East Coast of the Americas, Brazil, Argentina, East Coast of the US and Canada.

How to Beat Burn Drive Genesect

During the hour Burn Drive Genesectwill be appearing at pretty much every single gym in the area. This gives you many chances to take him on, but to do it you need the right team of trainers and Pokémon. We have a full guide for how to beat Burn Drive Genesect right here so check it out if you need help. In short, use fire Pokémon.

So that’s all you need to know about the Burn Drive Genesect raid hour makeup event in Pokémon GO.

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