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Pokemon Go Event – More Grass Types will Spawn This Weekend

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: Also, during this event, lures will last for six hours instead of the usual 30 minutes.

Original Story: Starting May 5th and going until May 8th, more grass type Pokemon will spawn in Pokemon Go, Niantic just announced. This sort of mini-event is a new development for the hugely popular mobile game. We’ve had lots of events before, some that had different types of Pokemon spawn more often, but they were usually centered around a holiday and lasted for longer.

This new Pokemon Go event will only go for the coming weekend, and seemingly came out of nowhere. The announcement reads:

“Starting on May 5, expect to see Grass-type Pokémon crop up more often as you explore your world with Pokémon GO. It’s a great opportunity to catch Pokémon that you may not have encountered in your area! The increased numbers of Grass-type Pokémon will continue until May 8, when the Pokémon return to their usual habitats. Good luck finding and catching more Grass-type Pokémon for a limited time!”

This will definitely be great for Bulbasaur and Chikorita fans, many of which have had trouble catching them in quantities high enough for a full evolution. There are many more grass types that you’ll see though, so if you’re still trying to catch em all, you might want to plan a good Pokemon Go adventure this weekend.

The closest parallel to this new mini-event is probably the Water Event from a few months ago. There we saw water types spawn much more frequently. Those looking to catch the hundred Magikarp needed to evolve a Gyarados definitely enjoyed that event. Will this one be as successful?

Hopefully so, but the shorter time span could be a problem if you really need a lot of these Pokemon. Be sure to capitalize on each and every day available, and check back for more Pokemon Go events in the future, possibly for Legendaries some time soon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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