Pokemon GO Fans Plan A Remote Raid If Niantic Limits Their Favorite Item

Rural players are in danger of losing a precious item in Pokemon GO.

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Niantic / Attack Of The Fanboy

Fans of the uber-popular Pokemon Go Articles | Attack of the Fanboy seem to be getting more and more fed up with Niantic every day. From the drastic over-monetization of specific tickets to the removal of features that fans love and live by, the magic slowly seems to be draining from this mobile collect-a-thon. The latest controversy seems to target those who don’t live in the bustling cities, rendering a key feature of the game almost moot with a dramatic and silly change.

Why Is Niantic Thinking Of Limiting Remote Raid Pass Uses?

Brought to life on February 20, 2023, by Twitter user @JoeMerrik, the text for the Remote Raid Pass was updated to the following:

Pass to join a Raid Battle remotely. You can join {0} Raids a day.

This seems to signal that Remote Raid Passes will begin being limited to a few uses a day, rather than the unlimited uses that Trainers are currently used to. Since these items cost real money or the use of PokeCoins, it seems that Niantic is shooting itself in the foot with this decision.

As a rural Pokemon GO player, Remote Raids are some of the only times that I can personally attend Raids with friends, unless I want to travel an hour or more, depending on the location of that particular battle. There are plenty of players that depend on Remote Raid Passes to enjoy the secondary battle aspect of Pokemon GO, and they are not happy.

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Reddit user u/Moumantai wants to lead the charge, with a boycott of purchases in the game. No Remote Raid Passes, no boxes, nothing at all. Hoping that this will help Niantic realize that players are not happy with the choice to change this fundamental factor for a large portion of their audience.

Will this be a success? It’s hard to say, but the community can only hope that Niantic realizes the mistake that they are making by limiting a paid item to a certain number of uses per day before this leads to a large portion of their fanbase leaving a title they hold so dear to them.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023