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Pokemon Go France Launch Coming This Week, Delayed due to Nice Attack

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go will be releasing in France this week, though no specific date was given, according to a French article from Le Figaro. Apparently the game was supposed to launch last weekend along with many other European countries, but was quickly delayed following the attack in Nice, France which killed 85 people and left many more in life threatening conditions.

The decision was made by The Pokemon Company to push back the launch, out of respect for the victims. The problem also has to do with the way the game is played, causing people to gather together in specific locations, and roam the streets throughout the day. Due to the attack, this sort of behavior was not appropriate, and The Pokemon Company did not want to add to the issues in France.

However, it seems that calm is returning, and the release is going forward. We still don’t know exactly what day it will hit, but it should be sometime soon.

Pokemon Go fever has swept across the world, with the game now available in many more countries. The Pokemon Go servers have struggled to keep up with the demand, causing many to question why it is being rolled out into so many new territories. However, due to the nature of mobile gaming, it seems like most people are able to get their hands on Pokemon Go in one way or another. Even if it isn’t officially available to them yet.

Hopefully the server problems get worked out and players around the globe can enjoy running around parks, schools, and other locations, catching their favorite Pokemon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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