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Pokemon Go: Legendary Pokemon are Probably Coming this Summer

by Kyle Hanson


Rumors were already swirling that the long awaited Legendary Pokemon would come to Pokemon Go this Summer. There were so many hints that it was getting a bit out of control. Then we got a brand new one that’s the most solid of the bunch, with Global Marketing Lead for Niantic, Archit Bhargava saying that “This summer will be legendary!”

The announcement came at the Webby Awards where Niantic earned five awards for Pokemon Go. Bhargava accepted the awards and simply said those five words, igniting the fanbase once again out of its slumber.

How will Legendary Pokemon work in Pokemon Go? Nobody knows, but there’s been a lot of theories and speculation. The initial trailer for the game showed a huge community event, with players working together to take down Mewtwo in the middle of Times Square. Of course that trailer featured a lot of stuff that hasn’t made its way into the game, so we can pretty much ignore that.

However they work, they’ve got players excited, even more excited than they usually get for events. There’s currently a Rock Type event going on in Pokemon Go, and it’s one of the game’s best so far. Still, even with events and Gen 2 there’s not a lot for endgame players to enjoy with Pokemon Go right now. Legendaries could fix that, especially if they’re handled well.

Co-op community style events would be great. It’d also be cool if teams played a part in the experience. The three teams are fashioned after the three Legendary Birds from the original games. While being on the losing side, and not getting your Legendary Pokemon might disappoint, these types of creatures should be truly rare.

Hopefully we get more than just teases and rumors soon and we can say exactly when Legendary Pokemon will arrive in Pokemon Go.

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