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Pokèmon GO November Research Brings Shedinja and Shiny Caterpie

Pokémon GO hasn't been this buggy since launch.

by Kyle Hanson


Pokèmon GO is getting a new set of research tasks for November 2018. These ones will focus on bug type Pokèmon, including a new character from Gen 4 and a shiny version of a particular Gen 1 fan-favorite. Shedinja will be available to those who complete a research breakthrough for the month, marking the first time this Pokèmon has been available in GO. Trainers can also get a shiny Caterpie, if they’re lucky enough of course.

“It might be getting chillier in many parts of the world, but that won’t keep the Bug-type Pokémon away in November,” reads the announcement. “Trainers who make a Research Breakthrough during November will encounter Shedinja, a Pokémon that’s never been available in Pokémon GO before. Several of Shedinja’s slithery Bug-type brethren will also be featured in November’s Field Research tasks, including little Caterpie. If that doesn’t excite you, perhaps the possibility of the Worm Pokémon being Shiny will!”

With the arrival of Shedinja, the current research breakthrough reward will be making an exit. Suicune will only be available until November 1st, so if you need another one, or your first, you’d better get to redeeming those research tasks for stamps. You’ll need to earn seven stamps and complete the research breakthrough in order to catch him, otherwise he’ll turn into a Shedinja.

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