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Pokémon GO Update Brings Gen 4 Pokémon and CP Rebalance

Gen 4 finally arrives after tons of teasing.

by Kyle Hanson


A new Pokémon GO update has arrived on the Apple Store and should appear soon on Google Play. Version 1.91.1 brings with it the release of Gen 4 Pokémon into the world, an event that has been teased over the last few days and weeks by Niantic. It’s not yet clear exactly what new characters will be available, but expect to start seeing those gloriously tempting shadows on your Nearby list very soon.

This update also comes as Niantic prepares for a complete CP rebalance within the game, shifting the meta among players in possibly significant ways. It’s not mentioned on the patch notes on the Apple Store though, but players have seen changes that Niantic might have temporarily reverted as the update rolls out.

It’s been months since Generation 3 Pokémon first popped up in GO, so this new addition could bring new life to the game. Of course, it doesn’t need too much of a rejuvenation as Pokémon GO has been on a resurgence over the last few months. Smart moves by Niantic along with timed events and special promotions have brought back a ton of previously lapsed players. Revenue is still flowing in by the boatload too, so don’t expect the Pokémon GO hype to die down again any time soon.

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