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Pokemon Sleep Announced for Mobile Platforms

No, we're not making this up.

by Alex Levine


During an special press conference today, The Pokemon Company announced some interesting new ideas that we can expect to see in the near future. However, none of them were as unique as a brand new “game” titled Pokemon SleepAccording to the company, the game will be a brand new way to “turn sleep into entertainment” with your mobile devices.

Launching in 2020, Pokemon Sleep will apparently be impacted by your actual sleeping, you can’t make this stuff up ladies and gentleman. The main objective of this brand new IP is to “give players something to look forward to wake up every morning.” What that exactly means is anyone’s guess as the full functionality of the game was not disclosed during the conference. What was shared however, was that the company has once again partnered with Nintendo to create a device that will track your sleep called the Pokemon Go Plus, which is meant to coincide with the extremely popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. The cloud service in question is called Pokemon Home where it will allow players to gather all of their captured Pokemon from numerous titles in one space.

Just like Sleep, it will launch in 2020 and is being purposed to utilize already existing titles such as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Lets Go, and the upcoming Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. It honestly doesn’t surprise us that The Pokemon Company is finding new and ingenious ways to format their franchise in the modern age. Still, the reveal did take us aback at first, but knowing how well the company has done so far with their series, it wouldn’t be such a shock to find nearly every phone downloading Pokemon Sleep once it eventually comes out.

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