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Pokémon Sun and Moon ROM Hack Makes the Games a Lot Harder

by Dylan Siegler


One of the criticisms of more recent Pokémon games is that they aren’t as hard as the older games in the series. This has led fans of the franchise to create ROM hacks of the games to make them harder for players who love the series but want more of a challenge. An example of this are the hacks Pokémon Blaze Black and Volt White, which made Black and White harder. More recently, a fan who uses the online username Kobazco created hacks to Sun and Moon called Rising Sun and Waning Moon.

Pokémon Rising Sun and Waning Moon make the original Sun and Moon more difficult in a number of ways. For one thing, Trial Captains and Island Kahunas now have full, six Pokémon teams, many of which have either perfect or near perfect IVs. In fact, many trainers in these hacks have teams with strong IVs, so Youngster Joey finally truly has a Rattata in the top percentage. The difficulty curve has also been increased, with members of the Elite Four having teams leveled as high as the 80s. According to Kotaku, players will now also be able to face trainers such as Red and Blue, who are normally exclusive to the Battle Tree, outside of the Battle Tree. In order to take on these new challenges, players will find wild Pokémon not usually native to Alola.

The Rising Sun and Waning Moon ROM hacks are available now. You can find out system specifications by clicking here.

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