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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are Serious in New Trailer

by Dylan Siegler


A new trailer was recently uploaded to The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel and it takes on a much more serious tone than previous videos. This trailer was released on the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago, but now English-speaking territories get to watch it in their language.

The trailer contains epic orchestral music to accompany the many cutscenes it shows. A particular focus is put on the theme of light and darkness and how the Legendary Pokémon Necrozma has the ability to steal light. A member of the Ultra Recon Squad explains that Necrozma can go as far as to steal all of the light from the Alola region. We then see Necrozma battle Lunala and take over Solgaleo in a series of cutscenes. Several Ultra Beasts appear from Ultra Wormholes, including the new UB Burst and UB Assembly, with Guzzlord looking like it’s about to face off against Island Kahuna Nanu. Some shots of Guzma and Lusamine are shown implying that they aren’t purely villainous, which opens the door for even greater evil to the threaten the player in these new games. Meanwhile, the words, “This isn’t the Alola you thought you knew” flash across the screen.

We learned today (October 17) from a leaked interview that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be quite different from Sun and Moon, including a script that’s twice as long. This new version of the story seems from this trailer to be a lot darker and more serious than the one in Sun and Moon as well. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out on November 17 for the 3DS.

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