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Prop Hunt Returns to Call of Duty WW2 For Remainder of Resistance Event

by C.J. Keller


Prop Hunt has returned to Call of Duty WW2 and will remain as a featured playlist until the Resistance Event has concluded.  For those that’ve yet to play Prop Hunt, it’s a game that’s like hide and seek where the people who are hiding are inanimate objects hidden through a map in the game.

Up to 12 players can play Prop Hunt in Call of Duty WW2.  They’ll be split up into two teams where they alternate between being the props or the hunting team.  To win, either the Hunters destroy all of the props or there are one or more props remaining at the end of the round.

At the beginning of each round the team designated as the Props will have 30-seconds to find a good hiding spot.  After this time period, the Hunters are unleashed on the map to try and root out the props.  The twist of the game is that the Props make a whistling noise every 25 seconds which can give away your hiding spot.

The goals of the prop are to use the controls to blend in with the environment as closely as possible.  You can use buttons to rotate the prop and lock yourself into place, or match the slope of your surroundings.  Prop players can also use decoys to try and trick the hunters or make a quick getaway.  Props can also morph into other props but you can only switch three times during a round.  The bigger the prop size you select, the higher the score bonus that you’ll get for remaining alive.

Hunters on the other hand are armed with a weapon and are on a race against the clock to find all the props.  Hunters will rely on their knowledge of the map to investigate items that look out of place for potential Prop locations.  Hunters will also utilize the whistling that they hear to narrow down the position of the Props.

Prop Hunt is quickly becoming a fan-favorite game mode in Call of Duty WW2 and players have from now until the end of the Resistance Event to get out there and hunt some props down.  If you’re loving Call of Duty WW2 but waning a little on the core multiplayer experience, this is the perfect palette cleanser.

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