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[Update] Prototype: Biohazard Bundle Appears on Xbox Store

by William Schwartz


Spotted on the Xbox One Store this morning was the Prototype: Biohazard bundle, which includes the first two games and all the DLC that was released. The digital only bundle was expected on both consoles after Exophase revealed a trophy list for Prototype 2 on the PS4 last month. Activision’s bundle goes for $50.00 with a 18GB download as spotted by Gematsu.

Developed by Radical Entertainment, both Prototype games featured a deadly virus breaking out of control in New York city later renamed New York Zero as Alex Mercer makes his way through the city to discover the cause. The second game features Sgt. James Heller as he seeks out revenge against Alex, feeling that he is responsible for his family’s death. Both were open-world games that featured unprecedented destruction and freedom.

Prototype: Biohazard is now available on Xbox One, and we will be sure to update you with news of its inevitable PS4 release?

Update:  Activision has announced via press release that the game is also available on PlayStation 4.  They also confirmed the $49.99 price tag on both the PS4 and Xbox One.  Both Prototype and Prototype 2 will also be available for purchase individually on August 11th.  The original game will be $29.99, Prototype 2 will be $39.99.

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