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Why The PS Vita Was Absent At E3 2016

| July 4, 2016

Why The PS Vita Was Absent At E3 2016 News  Sony PS VITA

E3 2016 happened a few weeks ago and Sony concentrated heavily on the PS4 and PlayStation VR. One console that was absent from the event was the PS Vita.

4Gamer recently interviewed Atsushi Moritaw who is the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia. He explained why Sony chose to not talk about the PS Vita.

According to Moritaw, the Western market isn’t very big for the PS Vita. Sony feels the E3 2016 show is aimed towards Western gamers so they felt it wouldn’t have made sense to focus on the portable console.

Moritaw mentioned that the future of PS Vita rests on the hands of Japanese gamers. One of the games that have become big on the PS Vita in Japan is Minecraft. Children have been a big demographic responsible for the portable console’s success over in Japan.

Mortitaw however had some bad news and said he’s unsure if there will ever be a PS Vita 2. The original console failed to be as successful as the PSP and a lot of Western gamers don’t really play on it anymore. The console had a hard time breaking out thanks to the uprising of smartphones and tablets.

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  • Darth Vader™

    Is that a surprise really?

  • CEO of the Internet ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Oh, come on!
    Contrary to popular belief, the mobile market has no significant impact on the handheld market.
    Only people with no standards consider mobile games a viable option. Granted, there are some acceptable games for phones, but mobile is mostly for toilets and public transportation.

    The reason the Vita failed was SONY.
    Just Sony.

    They marketed it towards their “core” audience, which refused to support the device due to a lack of AAA experiences, as well as some really shoddy launch titles, overpriced proprietary memory cards, and a rather high price for the device itself (don’t even get me started on the save data fiasco when it comes to digital releases).

    There’s a reason why the weaksauce 3DS continues to print money, despite all those wannabe doomsayers preaching the “rise” of mobile gaming (which never actually happened. It’s actually in stagnation).

    Nintendo know how to market their handhelds, Sony doesn’t, and mobile is a huge garbage dump of microtransaction-riddled cancer. I absolutely hate it when companies fuck things up just to blame the market for not putting up with their bullshit.

    • WildG

      I’d like to thank you for being one of the ones that do get it.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      The handheld market WAS the transportation and toilet market. Is it surprising that three of the best selling systems of all time (Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS) are all pre-mobile gaming fad devices?

      Actually, those three systems show that handheld gaming was mainly a kiddy, especially girl, market. Which means it was a Nintendo market. Which means that no matter what Sony or anybody else did it wasn’t going to be successful.

      Parents aren’t going to spend yet more money for their kids to carry around yet another device when now they’re buying their kids $300+ phones. Yes Nintendo 3DS can be considered a success and it did sell well enough. However, It sold half the amount the ORIGINAL Gameboy did and even less than half the amount of NDS. So to claim “the mobile market has no significant impact on the handheld market” is ridiculously willfully oblivious and ignorant.

    • jlenoconel

      I agree with all of this except saying mobile gaming isn’t big. Most younger kids I know play games on their phones, tablets etc now, rather than a 3DS.

  • smd

    He hasn’t really said anything that we don’t already know, so this shouldn’t be a shock.
    A lot of people also used to buy PSP more than just for games but also as a portable media player (music, movies, etc.) – back before smartphones became popular (so now they use smartphones for those).

    Actually, even the Nintendo 3DS is now struggling in N. America when been following the monthly NPD reports (and if even 3DS is struggling, ya could just imagine how much more Vita is struggling).

    > One of the games that have become big on the PS Vita in Japan is Minecraft.

    And although Sony ironically is publishing it there for them, that’s Microsoft who could decide continuing Vita Minecraft support is not worth it anymore.

  • jlenoconel

    Don’t even know why I bought a VITA at this point. Only thing that would make it worthwhile is if someone hacked it for homebrew.

  • RobMexx

    I call that BS.
    I have to import retail games from Asia to play them because:
    A) they aren’t printed for the EU/NA market
    B) my 64GB card is full and another one cost a shipload of money (I imported it also, because a 64GB card isn’t available in EU).

    So, if I import, I strengthen the Asian market. Because of global trading, thanks Internet, I can get and play any game I want. For the company it seems: only Asians are willing to pay for retail/ mobile games.

    Fact is: I save space on my card to store my Indies, I sadly can’t buy physical, or my PS+ Titles.
    Whenever possibly I buy a retail/ physical copy.

    If Sony wants to be the Vita being successful all over the world:
    – sell every game, in every region physical
    – lower memory card prizes minimum to half, so downloading games is not more expensive then buying retail (cost for card plus price for the digitalgame).
    -advertise it finally!

  • Dennis

    It’s been dying a death of suffocation IMHO. I was all set to get one, just prior to their announcement a long while back about games for it….I used the money on more games instead.

  • ex-sell69

    What killed the PS Vita wasn’t the 3DS, smartphones, or tablets, but its own power and sales numbers! You see, today’s games take too long and cost too much to make, but most handheld games could never sell as well as a console game… So what would the point of a PS Vita 2 be, if it were just a more powerful Vita, that repeated all the same mistakes of the first one?

    With my point being: I don’t play video games for power, sales numbers, or corporate bias (Nintendo is for kids, Micro$oft is evil, with Sony being the one and only true gaming)… I play games for fun! So, looking at what has become of gaming… If owning a 3DS makes me not a real gamer, then I’m proud not to be one, if that means I’d don’t have to marry Sony, or worship the ground they walk on!

  • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

    Deader than the PS4 release schedule in 2016