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Why The PS Vita Was Absent At E3 2016

by Damian Seeto


E3 2016 happened a few weeks ago and Sony concentrated heavily on the PS4 and PlayStation VR. One console that was absent from the event was the PS Vita.

4Gamer recently interviewed Atsushi Moritaw who is the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia. He explained why Sony chose to not talk about the PS Vita.

According to Moritaw, the Western market isn’t very big for the PS Vita. Sony feels the E3 2016 show is aimed towards Western gamers so they felt it wouldn’t have made sense to focus on the portable console.

Moritaw mentioned that the future of PS Vita rests on the hands of Japanese gamers. One of the games that have become big on the PS Vita in Japan is Minecraft. Children have been a big demographic responsible for the portable console’s success over in Japan.

Mortitaw however had some bad news and said he’s unsure if there will ever be a PS Vita 2. The original console failed to be as successful as the PSP and a lot of Western gamers don’t really play on it anymore. The console had a hard time breaking out thanks to the uprising of smartphones and tablets.

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