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PS3 Update 4.50 offers once premium features to all

by William Schwartz


Sony’s latest patch for the PlayStation 3 offers some new features for all users that were previously reserved for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Firmware revision 4.50 allows for auto-downloading of updates, the ability to transfer data between the PS3 and Vita via Wi-Fi, and privacy settings that allow selection of whether or not you want to show your trophy collection.

As noted, these were once premium features for PlayStation Plus subscribers — things that could have made the PSN a much better experience for all, years ago.

  • Auto download of system software updates has been expanded to support all PSN users.
  • Auto download support of purchases made on the Sony Entertainment Network online store will be made available to all PSN users.
  • New options for trophy privacy settings allow users to set which trophies are visible.
  • Data can now be transferred from PS3 to PS Vita using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.

The automatic update features must be toggled-on to use via the XMB.  This feature is one that made the updating process a much faster affair as you can have the console check for updates while you are sleeping, download them in the background, and then install the next time you log-in.

Good move Sony, but you should have done it about two years ago as a free service for all and you likely wouldn’t have gotten so much bad press about the PSN.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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