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PS4 to arrive in 2013 says financial report

by William Schwartz


“Sony is planning a 2013 release for the successor of the PlayStation 3,” according to sources close to the Wall Street Journal.  These sources have also indicated some planned features of the new console, and a few that were left on the cutting room floor in the R&D stage of development.

According to the financial publication, at one point, Sony was considering scrapping their proprietary blu-ray disc format altogether for a download-only plan to deliver content on the PlayStation 4.  It is said that Sony decided against the download-only model because of inconsistencies in internet connections globally.  Which is probably a smart move considering that current gen titles weigh in at sometimes very hefty file sizes on the discs.  Imagine having to download a 50GB game, it could take a week for some people.

Both Sony and Microsoft have both made significant strides in offering content to gamers that would rather purchase it via download.  Microsoft’s Games on Demand marketplace feature is quite convenient, but the large price tag on alot of the downloadable titles through the service outwieghs the added convenience.

Sony has taken it to a different level in this generation.  The company was the first to offer day-one downloadable games.  The company offered two of the biggest titles of the generation with Mass Effect 2 & Mass Effect 3 available in simultaneous launches with their retail counterparts.

While it could be a hint of the direction that gaming will be headed in the coming years, those that have a hard time breaking with tradition will enjoy this report, as console makers aren’t quite ready to give up on the old faithful formats.

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