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PS4 Battlefield Hardline Beta is coming through the Sony E3 Experience


As previously announced, Sony is taking E3 to the masses this year through the PlayStation E3 Experience. Sony will stream their E3 press conference live to select movie theaters across North America on June 9th. There had also been mention made of a bonus for attendees and it looks like Sony has not disappointed.

Those lucky few who live in the right cities and RSVP’d for the event have started receiving access codes for the Battlefield Hardline beta, which is definitely heading for the PS4 and might even be an exclusive to the next gen console. The beta will give users access to new game play modes on a new map. A trailer for Battlefield Hardline was leaked to mixed reviews from gamers, then very quickly removed. It was, reputedly, relatively old game play footage but it did give viewers an idea of the “cops and robbers” angle this iteration is taking.

Want to get in on the action? Check this list to see if a theater near you is showing the Sony press conference and RSVP to get your hands on a Battlefield Hardline beta code.

Earlier this week, a gameplay video surfaced from the Battlefield: Hardline Beta.

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