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PS4 will beat Xbox One and Wii U, but won’t top PS2

by William Schwartz


New consoles from Sony and Microsoft have only been on store shelves for a couple of days, but that’s not stopping analysts from crowning a victor. DFC Research is already predicting that the PlayStation 4 will be the top selling console this generation, but it won’t be quite as popular as Sony’s PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 4 surpassed both PS2 and Wii launches

Sony’s 2.1 million initial sales for the console make this the largest for a console system ever, according to the research company.

“The most successful console systems of all time in terms of total hardware unit sales were the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii, says DFC analyst David Cole. “The PS2 and Wii also had the record for largest initial launch sales but the PlayStation 4 surpassed both those systems.”

This massive launch for Sony might have topped their previous sales figures, but DFC believes that the PlayStation 4 will not surpass the PS2 in total sales.

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