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PS4: Most powerful gaming device ever conceived

by William Schwartz


Next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft will no doubt usher in a new era of power for console players. With the specs that we have, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the more powerful of the two machines, and the company’s making sure that everyone knows it. In a recent interview with Tech Radar, Sony’s Fergal Gera describes the PlayStation 4 as “the most powerful gaming device ever conceived”.

“We believe PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived”

“I’m talking about the price and the performance trade off. It’s very hard to deliver both and for me the balance that’s been delivered across those two is outstanding. So it’s great to be going to market with what we believe is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived and certainly ever developed and at a price that feels very acceptable,” says Gera.

And according to the executive, developers are in agreement. “We have the most uncompromised memory spec that we could pretty well dream up and if you talk to developers, if you talk to first party, third party developers, you’ll see that that opens up the possibilities for them and it’s about as high spec as they could have ever imagined, 8GB gives them huge headroom to continue developing fantastic games.”

The PlayStation 4 and all its unbridled power are due to arrive later this year for $399.

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