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Update (Now Live): PS4 System Update 2.02 Is Coming Soon

by Dean James


Sony brought us the much awaited PlayStation 4 system update 2.0 just a couple weeks ago, but they already had to release 2.01 last week due to a bug in the new Rest Mode. However, they are not done yet, as they have announced that the next update is just around the corner as well, though nothing major will be changing.

Less than an hour ago, the official PlayStation Twitter account revealed that the PlayStation would be receiving another system update soon, this time system update 2.02. The tweet specifically said the following:

  • “PS4 system software update v2.02 is coming soon, and will improve system software stability during use of some features, games, and apps”

Rather than large monthly updates, Sony has mostly stuck to major updates every few months with very small fixes like this in between to fix the little things. After major updates like this, there are always unforeseen issues, such as the Rest Mode issue before, but there are no particular bugs that have popped up since 2.01. As a result, this will likely just be improving the stability in areas we don’t even notice.

Stay tuned for more information on when this update will be available, as it sounds like it should be very soon.

Update: PS4 System Update 2.02 is now live. You can either download it from the system settings or it will download automatically while in Rest Mode for those that have that setting enabled.

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