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PS4 Updates to System Software 5.00

by Jose Belmonte


PS4 users can download today the latest system software update which adds a wide range of features related to online communities, user management, messages and certain capabilities of PSVR and PS4 Pro. The size of the file is about 375Mb, and it is required to play online, so if you are expecting to play in multiplayer today you should download the patch as soon as possible.

The main features of this system update include the ability to select other users as your family members, allowing an easier control of the accounts managed by underaged users. This means that adult users can set restrictions of online use, games, or PlayStation Store spending, with family groups consisting in up to seven members.

Online tournaments reach a new level with the introduction of the ESL Team Tournaments as part of the PS4 Events Tab, in which users can sign up to online tournaments and organize new teams, as well as check out upcoming competitions.

You can also receive updates from any account, not just verified ones, and you will receive suggestions based on the game you have played. You can now also organize your friends by custom lists and check out notifications from the quick menu. Also in that menu you will now have the option to leave parties and see albums and playlists from Spotify.

The messages section has also been updated with the ability to share music and preview URL links, as well as the notification settings, which can change their color or be disabled during video playback.

Finally, PS4 Pro users will now be able to broadcast on 1080p resolution and 60 fps on Twitch, and PSVR users will enjoy Blu-Ray discs and DVDs on virtual surround.

The PS4 system software 5.00 is available now. For a more thorough explanation of each new feature visit the PlayStation Blog.


- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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