PSA: Players Can Use the Bertha to Cross Large Bodies of Water in Warzone 2

Now rivers and large bodies of water will not be a problem anymore.

by Carlos Hurtado

Warzone 2 players are always looking for new ways to help them get the victory they deserve. Every day dozens of players try new tactics and strategies to get ahead of the casual and dedicated players who log in every day to get into the final circle and defeat the last enemy squad before starting again. Recently a Warzone 2 player found a new strategy that will make crossing large bodies of water a walk in the park.

On January 23, a user on the CODWarzone subreddit made a post sharing the new tactic that many will start employing when players need to cross deep rivers and canals in Warzone 2. According to the post and the short clip, players can cross big bodies of water with the Bertha or the Cargo Truck. Throughout the video, Reddit users can see how the player crosses a large body of water with no problem.

The Cargo Truck seems to have no issue while going through the deep waters even though, for several seconds, players cannot see the vehicle entirely. The fact that Cargo Trucks can do this in Warzone 2 is impressive and a bit worrying. Considering many players prefer to go through different routes when encountering large bodies of water throughout Al-Mazrah.

Many players have encountered this post, and so far, it has more than five hundred upvotes. This new strategy can quickly become the new game-changing tactic many players employ to surpass difficult positions in the final circles.

Strategies like this can make the Warzone 2 experience completely different. Chances are the Reddit post keeps getting more attention, and more players find how useful and interesting this new strategy is, so do not be surprised if you start seeing players do the same after reading this article.

In Warzone 2, vehicles can be a fundamental piece of equipment that can let players achieve the victory they all deserve. Being able to move quickly throughout the map is something of great value when chasing enemies or escaping from the circle. This is more beneficial in the initial part of every match, as many players prefer to go to less populated places to loot without the danger of being ambushed by an enemy squad.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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