PSA: You Can Play Street Fighter 2 in Street Fighter 6 (And Other Classic Games)

Are you ready to play Street Fighter 2 in Street Fighter 6?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 players are already starting to notice that in the central Battle Arena Hub, you can play through some classic Street Fighter titles. While most people may want to work through everything that Street Fighter 6 offers, it seems others would rather sit down and play some Street Fighter 2. You can take note of this for your own playthrough if you’re looking for hidden features.

One Redditor spotted that in the early stages of the game, someone was enjoying some Street Fighter 2 at the arcade machine section. Street Fighter 2 was first released in 1991 and the game was brought to Arcade Cabinets, the SNES, and extra platforms over time. It stands as a testament to how much the series has grown over the years.

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It is clear that Street Fighter 6 seeks to rekindle the flames of fans from both the past and the present. The arcade cabinets in the hub area also have rotating games on them and allow players to enjoy titles such as the first Street Fighter too. While preparing for some battles with your friends, it is worth giving the cabinets a shot.

It should be noted that the games in the arcade cabinets may actually allow for some extensive playtime because they’re actually the full games without any restrictions. There are some caveats of course with how the arcade functionality like a lack of online support, however.

Can You Play Street Fighter 2 Online in Street Fighter 6?

No, you are not able to play Street Fighter 2 (or any of the other classic arcade games) online. This means that in order to experience the classics you will have to battle against the AI instead to relive all of the nostalgic memories you may have. From the main Reddit thread, it was clear that some were hoping they would get the chance to play online.

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Even though you won’t be able to play Street Fighter 2 Online, you can play local co-op with others. This is a great payoff for spending time with the arcade cabinets if you have friends around you in person ready to enjoy some classic Street Fighter combat.

- This article was updated on June 1st, 2023

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