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Update: PSN Down as Issues Pop Up for PS4 and PS3

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: Services have been restored at this time.

It’s actually been a while since we last had a good old fashioned PSN outage, but today looks to take us back to the whimsical time of December 2014. PSN is currently in a limited status, with many of its main features down or otherwise experiencing issues.

Gaming and Social is probably the biggest, impacting both PS4 and PS3. This means you will likely not be able to play games online or interact with your friends at this time through PSN. On top of this are PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Video, and the PlayStation Store.

The issues just started occurring a moment ago, so Sony hasn’t yet commented on the outage (Update: yes they have). Engineers will almost certainly be working on the problem and we should see PSN return to full capacity soon, or get an explanation as to what is going on.

Hopefully whatever is causing the problem is small and can be fixed quickly as it is definitely impacting many players, including those on Destiny, as Bungie confirmed a few minutes ago. PSN has had issues in the past, but Sony seems to be getting better about fixing them quickly, and preventing them as much as possible.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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