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Update: PSN Experiencing Various Issues with Games, Apps, Trophies, and More

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: Apparently the current problem is due to an external factor, as the latest info states “This is due to factors external to PSN, we are working with the providers to track the progress of their resolution of the issue. PSN is currently operating normally.”

Sony is reporting that PSN is currently experiencing various issues with some of its core services. Launching games and apps seems to be impacted, as well as some social services, such as Trophies, Messaging, and Friends Lists. The trouble was first reported at 10:30am PDT, so hopefully it can be resolved fairly quickly. For now, it looks like many users are affected as reports are coming in from various sources and locations. The current issues seem to impact both PS3 and PS4, with possible problems on PS Vita as well.

The current status reads “You may be experiencing issues related to launching games, applications, and/or social features such as trophies, messaging, or friends list. We appreciate your patience while we address this.”

After a few months of multiple outages, PSN has actually been relatively stable as of late. This is the first unplanned downtime for a while, with the last major report coming over a month ago. There is also some scheduled maintenance on Monday, March 23, so maybe we’ll see less issues after that work is completed.

Aside from the new PSN status page, none of Sony’s other outlets have reported this outage as of reporting. They usually lag a little bit behind, as they wait to see if the problem witll last. So far, the current downtime has continued for almost an hour, so expect some more information soon if it isn’t resolved.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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