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PSN Not Coming Back this Week, Further Testing Needed

| May 6, 2011

PSN Not Coming Back this Week, Further Testing Needed News  PSN

The PlayStation Network was set to resume service before week’s end, but with the week coming to a close and still no sign of PSN, SCEA has issued an update concerning the status of the recent testing of the network.  Sony says that it’s still working to confirm the security of the network infastructure.  This includes working with outside security teams to verify the safety of the online experience.

Bottom line, the PSN won’t be back online until Sony is 100% sure that the network is safe, and stable.  Having not been aware of the extent of the attack on Sony’s servers, more testing is needed because of the complexities of the PSN network.

No new date was given on the resumption of the PSN service.

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  • Monkey Boy

    When are they going to make a law to slowly and painfully kill people who hack to disrupt other peoples lives. I have already put my vote in. A world that utilizes technology to save time and these people think it’s fun to exploit networks? Hopefully they at least already take these people underground and mess them up with or without proper legal course. My vote is in on that as well. Funny too cause I’m usually a constitutional liberty man who resists tyranny but one can only handle so much evil from the next door neighbor.

  • Monkey Boy

    I honestly don’t think sony is to blame. It is other companies and secret societies believe it or not, who have threatened Japan and their companies like sony because they are so successful and even have been defiant against oil industry. If you do your homework Japan invented a car that runs on water. PURE WATER PEOPLE!!! Notice the company is no longer in service. Also do your homework and realize all of this took place right before a mysterious earthquake and tsunami hits Japan. I know this sounds like another conspiracy theory to the moron minds ignoring reality but the truth is stranger than fiction and they do have the technology to do even worse so pull your heads out of your asses people and use your anger to expose these people who need to be shot dead.

    Microsoft more than likely has their own hacking homos as well. all the East Indians do nothing but programming these days. I can’t remember seeing one white person anymore working on Microsoft campus. I live right down the street and blown away at how many foreigners are hired here now. I’m not racist, just amazed at corporation greed bringing in so much foreign help to profit.

    Looks like Alex jones was right after all. New world disorder really is trying to enslave us. Sony is actually a source of freedom compared to microsoft’s NSA spying xbox garbage. And I’m no sony fanboy. I actually hated ps3 and returned it after a month of owning. I loved the xbox 360 but this Xbox one crossed the line and I will never look back now. To hell with Microsoft and Xbox and windows. The ps4 runs so much faster than ps3 and I’m enjoying the reuniting to play station since I haven’t liked them since the original Socom 1,2,and3. From there it all went down hill on ps3.