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PSN Down: Services Limited Causing Problems for Many Users

by Kyle Hanson


Update: All services are back up and running.

Original Story: Sony’s PSN is currently down for many users around the world. The main center of trouble seems to be Europe, but the PlayStation Network might struggle in the US and elsewhere until Sony works out the problem. We currently don’t have tons of info about what is wrong, but the official PSN service status page lists many features as “limited”, which usually means they’re not working at all.

PSN has been fairly stable over the last year, with limited outages, especially when compared to previous years. There was a long stretch of time where PSN and its rival Xbox Live service were going down almost weekly or at least monthly. Sony and Microsoft dedicated themselves to getting them more stable though, and their work seems to have paid off with longer uptime across the board.

Still, things do go wrong, and it seems like that has happened today. We haven’t gotten official word from Sony about the PSN outage, but if it goes much longer we do expect to hear from them soon. Check back here for updates, in case this issue goes on for a while. Hopefully it won’t, but with a network as big as PSN, anything can happen.

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