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PSN To Catch on PlayStation Store Updates Soon

by William Schwartz


Now that the PSN is back and players have begun to populate their favorite game’s servers again, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is “When is the PlayStation Store Coming Back?”.  The store which seems to be part of a phased rollout of the PSN services should return shortly, and when it does come back it will have a wealth of content to catch up with.  Instead of dumping it all on the network at the same time, Sony plans to update the PlayStation Store multiple times per week, instead of the usual weekly store update.

Sony issued this statement for clarification about future updates.

“To catch up on the large amount of material, we’ll be publishing to the PlayStation Store multiple times per week once commerce functionality is restored. We will update the PlayStation.Blog with information on timing of the Store restoration, as well as the full list of new content as each publish occurs.”

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