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PUBG Mobile Version Has Been Downloaded a Ridiculous Amount of Times

Battle Royale isn't just dominating consoles and PC.

by Jordan Peters


PUBG on mobile devices has been a huge success for Tencent & PUBG Corp.  The massively popular Battle Royale game may have had its breakout success on PC and Xbox in 2017, but 2018 is all about the huge success of the mobile version.

According to a recent update from the developers, PUBG on mobile has been downloaded over 100 million times, and that’s not including China, Japan, and Korea.  Furthermore, the game has only been out for 4 months as the initial release date was back in March 2018.

Battle Royale games haven’t just been dominating the console and PC gamers in 2018, apparently mobile players can’t get enough either.  PUBG’s biggest competitor, Fortnite: Battle Royale has been doing exceptionally well on the mobile front as well.

PUBG Mobile features the gameplay that you know from the console and PC versions of the game.  100 players parachute down onto an ever-shrinking map and then scavenge for weapons and gear to try and secure a chicken dinner victory.  While there have been some considerations made for the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the basics are pretty much the same.

Within the announcement of the major milestone in terms of downloads, the developers on PUBG mobile say that there is much more to come in the months ahead.  In game content that is tied to the new Mission Impossible movie is on the way.  Those who have yet to check out Battle Royale on mobile, PUBG is currently available on the Apple and Google Play digital storefronts as a free download that features in-game purchases.

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